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Year Round Service for All Compostables
Join City Compost this Christmas for Trees, Wreaths, and Greens
At Home Collection
Pricing to Start at $12 to $20
(Final Price depending Upon Total Collections in Area) 
Return these to the soil to grow again

All Foods Accepted

When trimmings, peels, leftovers, and expired foods go in the garbage they end up in landfills or incinerators. City Compost's service gathers these scraps on a weekly basis to return the nutrients to the soil. Customers have the option to receive up to 100% of the finished compost back with service for growing at home or it goes off to local, sustainable farms or community gardens. By using our compost creation service, you cut down on waste, live a more sustainable, green lifestyle, and most importantly invest in the soil, so more clean, healthy foods can return from farms and gardens back to your plate and the community's.


If quality matters to you, then you have found the right place. We exclude cardboard because of fungicides and flame retardants plus paper products with colored inks using heavy metal pigments. Instead, we only balance with clean leaves and wood products. Accidental trash is removed right at collection and continually checked for throughout processing to create a clean, top quality finished compost. City Compost also implements high frequency testing where every batch is tested for pH, NPK, and micro-nutrients, plus lead and herbicides for safety before going off to community gardens, sustainable farms, or back to you.

home compost pickup collection service


Have you ever thought, I shouldn't be throwing this food away, but what other option is there? You have heard about compost, but don't want to waste the time or space. Our service saves leftovers, creates compost, and has the option of compost back to you!! This way you can save money on waste and groceries by growing more clean food at home!! Sign Up today!!

Business compost collection pickup service organic recycling


Do you run a Cafe, Sandwich Shop, or Restaurant? Your customers fill up on something tasty and leave a bite behind. These bits plus back of house trimmings become compost, an investment in our future food, instead of going into the landfill or incinerator. Service enables the eco-minded actions more care about every day. Currently servicing single generators over 1yd/week.  Contact Us to talk more!!

restaurant composting pick up collection service organics recycling


City Compost collaborates with potential clients to establish customized composting programs tailor made for caterers, food banks, small & urban farms, office buildings, living complexes, events, schools, and municipalities, Contact Us to talk more!!

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