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Register to Our Conference 

Registration fee is $20


Service starts at $5 per week or $7 every other week!!

Call 978-378-3048 to Get Started or Sign Up Online


Custom solutions available for coffee shops, caterers, events, offices, food pantries, and others.

Service Features

Fresh Bucket Weekly

let us handle the work

Grow More Food

with your space and time 

No Pests

no worrying about these guys

Year Round Service

Receive Compost

Personal Weight Tracking

Why Compost

Support Local Food

Hep create a new square foot of growing space each week

Protect the Environment

Keep over 250lbs worth of CO2 out of the atmosphere

Community Health 

Healthy soil grows healthy food to improve peoples lives

Meat & Dairy

Sauces & Dressings

Cooked & Raw


Service through New England

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