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Composting Solutions for Residents, Organizations and Events
Why City Compost?

Support Local Food

Create a Square Foot

Garden Every Week

Protect the Environment

Carbon Footprint Reduced

Over 250 lbs per Year

Community Health

Healthy Soil, Healthy Food

Healthy People

All Food Including

Cooked & Raw

Meat & Dairy

Sauces & Dressings

Service Features

Year Round Service

Rain, Snow, Sleet & Heat

No Digging

Let Us Handle the Work

Fresh Bucket Weekly

Keeps Things Clean

Grow More Food

With Your Space, Energy, & Time

Weight Tracking

Know Your Impact

No Pests

No Bugs, Rats, or Skunks

Finished Compost

Hand Cleaned

Before Compost Processing

Garden Ready

Sifted, Tested & Screened

Throrough Lab Testing

Lead, pH, NPK & Minerals

Service - $5 for Weekly or $7 for Biweekly

(local pricing may vary)


Custom solutions available for coffee shops, caterers, events, offices, food pantries, and others.

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