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Growing Forward

Trying to find an optimized solution specific to your scenario? Look no further. In addition to our standard home service, City Compost has custom programs designed to meet your needs.



  Capacity & Throughput 

  • At Capacity & High Transport Costs

  • City Compost Facility - Land 

  Information Technology 

  • Routing, Data Mgmt, Cust. Service

  • Mobile App and IT Upgrade  

Apartment Buildings & Condos

Apartment Buildings & Condos

Apartment Buildings & Condos

- Get outfitted with countertop containers for each compost participant and have City Compost provide service at a centralized collection location. If only you want to participate and not everyone else let's get to it with the home service.


Coffee Shops - Coffee grounds look like soil, so they should just mix right in, right? Actually coffee is very nitrogen heavy and if not properly handled can become moldy and odorous. While reusable is always encouraged, and options are available, City Compost can provide you with the compostable cups you need to remove trash completely from the front of the house.


Offices - You want your organization to be more sustainable, but you don't have time to organize all the others in your building to get everyone on board. Whether one cubicle or a few floors, City Compost can provide single-point or multi-point collection throughout your office.


Food Recovery - Many struggle with hunger, so you strive every day to save edible food to be put towards the mouths of those in need. Have City Compost take in the inedible portions so they can grow again. Are you in need of more edible food for those you feed? Let's team up!!


School Programs - Teaching the kids (or adults) how to compost is great, but the amount of material your cafeteria is generating would quickly overwhelm your compost pile with greens and without enough browns to balance and would quickly become an issue. An educational composting setup and program combined with an operational solution. What's better than that?


Restaurants - In the kitchen and on the floor things are moving fast. Cooks do not have the time to put meat in the trash and peels in the compost and wait staff can't slow down to pick out napkins. City Compost can receive all types of food plus most all paper products plus signage, bins, and staff training.


Caterers - The catering business is extremely seasonal, so at times you will have a bunch of material to compost while at others things will be at a minimum. City Compost's service is designed to scale with the amount of material generated so you only pay for what you generate and save when things are slow.


Community Garden Programs - Most community garden know the value of composting, however buying bins can quickly add up and often times many bins take up a lot of space. Seasonal service will free up that space for more gardening plots. Have you ever heard of a community garden that doesn't have a waiting list? Plus, there is always the issue of finding someone to maintain the pile.


Farmer Markets - Is there a better way to connect farm-to-table than table-to-farm? City Compost can provide service for patrons and vendors for all the material generated right at the market. Vendors do not want to pack up damaged produce and why have patrons through napkins in the trash? Let's put those nutrients back in the ground!!


Infrequent Service & Events - Do you have a monthly gathering where weekly service wouldn't make sense? Perhaps a concert or festival where you expect a big turn out but have no idea where to begin when it comes to composting. Whether one time, seasonally, or just infrequently, City Compost can outfit you with the equipment, procedures, staff, and service you need for a successful program. Interested in pursuing Zero Waste? Ask how.


Other - Share your needs and a customized solution will be built just for you!!

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