Year Round Composting Services

Available throughout New England 

Why Compost?

Support Local Food

Create a Square Foot

Garden Every Week

Protect the Environment

Carbon Footprint Reduced

Over 250 Pounds per Year

Community Health

Healthy Soil, Healthy Food

Healthy People

All Foods, Yard Material and Compostables

Cooked & Raw

Meat, Fish & Shells

Sauces & Dairy

Service Features

Year Round

Rain, Snow, Sleet or Heat

No Digging

Let Us Handle the Work

Fresh Container

Every Service

Grow Food Everywhere

With Your Space, Energy, & Time

Weight Tracking

Know Your Impact

No Pests

No Racoons, Rats, or Snakes

Kitchen Service Rates

Front Door Service, Clean Container Each Service

No Bags Required, No Extra Costs

Outside of Boston Metro

$4 per Service

Within Boston Metro (Right Map)

$3 per Service

Click Map for Town List

Town Map - Boston Metro.jpg