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Composting Benefits

Local Economy

  • Job Creation – Separating compostables from garbage creates new jobs to enhance the local economy.

  • Trash bag reduced from up to 3 to 1 and saves on disposal costs.

  • Compost Grows Food – Average pick up creates a new square foot of growing space.

    • 1 sqft : Grow 4 heads organic leaf lettuce ($10.00+)

    • 1 sqft : Grow 18 ears of fresh corn ($24.00+)

    • 4 sqft: Grow 25lbs+ of fresh heirloom tomatoes ($100.00+)


Builds Soil Instead

  • Incinerators – Material is burned increasing emissions into the atmosphere and toxic ash to landfill.

  • Disposal – Wastes the precious resource, water, plus electricity at home and treatment facility.

  • Landfills – Uses limited space with high long term costs. Food rots into Methane, 24x more potent than CO2 and runoff can poison  surface and ground water.


Protect the Environment

  • Over 250lbs per year of average greenhouse gas avoided from landfill.

  • Increases water retention properties to reduce consumption. Over 1 gallon of water retention possible per average pick up. 


Improves Soil Quality

  • Compost helps lighten clay soils and allows them to drain better.

  • Compost helps sandy soils retain more water.

  • Provides nutrients and beneficial microbes to soils for better plant growth.

  • Builds up the soil themselves for long term benefit versus no build up with chemical treatment.


Grows Cleaner, Healthier Food

  • Using compost reduces the need for agricultural chemicals (many require petroleum to make).

  • Adds vital nutrients for growing as a natural, slow release organic fertilizer.

  • Increases water retention in soil reducing the amount needed for growing.

  • Increases probiotic microbial activity in the soil to enhance root growth and nutrient uptake.

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