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Let us compost your lettuce

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Ingredients are gathered right from your location using containers from 5 gallons up to 64 gallons, compost is created, and finished compost then goes to grow more fresh food at local sustainable farms, community gardens, or back to you, making it a one-of-a-kind full circle service. All material is weighed at the individual level so you can know how much you have contributed.


Save money by growing more food at home. Instead of buying or building a proper 3-bay composting system that you would need to compost properly, use this space to grow more fresh food instead. You can grow soo much of your own food at home. In the space required to compost properly grow $100s worth of lettuce, spinach, corn, and fresh juicy tomatoes!! Not to mention all of the time and energy you will save by not having to dig and turn the pile. Plus, no wild animals!! If you choose not to receive compost after 6 months, know that it is still going to support local food elsewhere.

Service includes regular collection of all types food of scraps and compostables directly from the home as well as the full composting process including balancing and blending, temperature and moisture monitoring, and turning the pile for aeration during the compost process plus screening of finished compost before testing. Compost is tested to clearly show the nutrient content and other important factors good to know when used for growing like lead. Everything is hand cleaned before the process and finished compost is free of plastic, metal, glass, and large wood chunks and supports local food.


Sign up today and give back to the Soil to create an abundance of fresh food for all!!

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