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Our average collection creates a new square foot of growing space every service. Why wait??


Help Create Organic Compost

Grow Your Own Clean Food

Boston Price

Weekly $7/service

Every other Week - $8/service

Monthly - $9/service

Other Massachusetts Price

Weekly $10/service

Every other Week - $11/service

Monthly - $12/service

Rhode Island & New Hampshire Price

Weekly $11/service - NH Only

Every other Week - $12/service - NH & RI

Monthly - $13/service - NH & RI


Wood Shavings - $1.00 per Service

5 Gallon Bucket with Cover.png
1.9 Gallon Plastic.png
1.3 Gallon Stainless Steel.png

5 Gallon 

Service Container


Moisture and Odor Control

1.9 Gallon 

Inside Container

1.3 Gallon 

Inside Container

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