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Our average collection creates a new square foot of growing space every service. Why wait??

The only reason to wait would be that we currently have a wait list. Many people want to compost, however the resources to do so are limited. In order to ensure you have the best experience possible, we expect to accept new composters starting in July. You are welcome to fill out your contact information and select "Offline Payment" and we will connect once ready to serve you. 

No Extra Costs for Bags or Self Cleaning as a Fresh Container is Provided Each and Every Service

Save While Out of Town by Pausing Service

Standard Price

Weekly $4.99/service

Every other Week - $5.99/service

Monthly - $6.99/service (shavings included)

Some towns may have a slightly higher price until more composters join

Boston Metro Price

Weekly $3.49/service

Every other Week - $3.99/service

Monthly - $4.99/service (shavings included)

(click here to check your town)

New Hampshire & Rhode Island

Add $1.00 to Standard Price

5 Gallon 

Service Container


Moisture and Odor Control

1.9 Gallon 

Inside Container