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Commercial Services

City Compost's commercial services are unique in the industry. We exchange smaller volume containers with a scaling cost structure to save on price and provide a better composting experience. From small cafe to university, this solution has been implemented for all sizes. 

Materials Accepted

All Foods

Paper Products

Compostable Wares

Packaged Products




















Benefits of Composting and Unique City Compost Benefits

Become a Greener, More Sustainable Organization

Keep Greenhouse Gases from Emitting from Landfill

Increase Soil Water Retention to Reduce Consumption

Save on Garbage Disposal

All Material Goes to the Soil to Grow More Fresh Food

All Material is Processed Independently

Unique Features

    Containers Exchange: Eliminates cleaning time, bags, and odor from on site emptying

    Material Recovery: Source identifiable containers enable item recovery and return

    100% Capacity: Maximizes value compared to 75-80% for rolling carts and dumpsters   

    Secure, Snap On Covers: Keeps out pests and controls odors versus hinged covers

    Stackable: Rectangular form factor of totes reduces space requirements

    Stepped Pricing: Scales with volume rather than paying for half full cart or dumpster

Other Details

    Inside Containers: Totes go inside or material appropriate containers provided

    Compostable Wares: Available to complete your solution at competitive rates

    Layout Recommendations: Minimize start up costs while maximizing diversion

    Custom Signage: Designed specifically for items in use by your organization 

    Rolling CartCity Compost can implement a cart service if desired and as appropriate

    Sustainability Report: Show the community your direct impact through composting 

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