Services Available


Customized to Your Needs

Homes - A kitchen container as needed and a bucket for the curbside including a sealed lid to defend against odor and pests will be delivered to you at the start of service. Kitchen containers come in two varieties: a stainless steel container with a carbon filter, recommended for those that eat meat and dairy and an plastic container recommended when eating mostly vegetables and fruits unless the other is preferred for looks. Set your bucket out the night before, and each time we provide service (weekly, biweekly or monthly) your bucket will be switched out with a fresh one. Our monthly service includes Wood~Rice (a clean wood fiber left over from making furniture and flooring) to pull in excess moisture that can develop when compostables sit for a long time. Our average pick up creates a new square foot of growing space every week!!

Community Drop Off - Set up a drop off location for your space. Provide your guests with a place to bring compostables through a discounted subscription or community sponsored offering.   

Apartments & Condos - Get outfitted with personal containers for each participant and have City Compost provide service at a centralized collection location in our larger service tote. If not everyone else is in yet, no problem!! Start with just a bucket!!


Coffee Shops - Coffee grounds look like soil, so they are practically compost already, right? Not quite, let us handle the composting so you can focus on your shop. City Compost can take in and provide the compostable wares as well. 


Offices - You want your organization to be more sustainable, but you don't have time to organize all the others in your building to get everyone on board. Whether we service one cubicle or a few floors, City Compost can provide single-point or multi-point collection throughout your office or from a designated outside area.


School Programs - Teaching the kids (or adults) how to compost is great, but the amount of material from your cafeteria would quickly overwhelm your compost pile with greens. Without enough browns to balance the pile, this would quickly start to smell. With City Compost, you can have an educational composting setup  combined with an operational solution. What's better than that?


Restaurants - Moving too fast to compost, you say? We understand that cooks do not have the time to put meat in the trash and peels in the compost, and we know wait staff can't slow down to pick out napkins. City Compost can receive all types of food plus napkins and toothpicks so the whole plate goes into the compost to save time and increase overall sustainability. We can complete the service with wares as well.


Caterers - Is your service seasonal? City Compost's service is designed to scale with volume. City Compost's solution allows you to save when sales are slow while being able to handle volume when things pick up. Source fancier wares like bamboo or palm or choose economical options all in one stop delivered with service.

Municipalities - Set up a drop off program right at your community center or implement a curbside collection program while saving thousands on tipping costs through garbage reduction. City Compost is a full solution provider from educational material for program awareness to weekly collection service. Instead of investigating a program for several months, launch service in just weeks.


Community Gardens - Most community gardens know the value of composting, but the cost of bins can quickly add up, and often times, many bins take up a lot of space. Seasonal service frees up space for more plots. Cut down on your waiting list and stop chasing after someone to maintain the compost pile through our burlap bag program!!


Food Recovery Programs - Many struggle with hunger, and you strive every day to save edible food for in need. Have City Compost take in the inedible portions so they can grow again. Are you in need of more food for those you feed? Let's team up!!

Farmer Markets - What better way to connect farm-to-table than table-to-farm? City Compost can provide service for patrons and vendors taking all the material generated right at the market. Vendors do not want to pack up damaged produce and why have patrons throw napkins in the trash? Let's put those nutrients back in the ground!!


Infrequent Service & Events - Do you have a monthly gathering where weekly service wouldn't make sense? Perhaps you have a concert or festival where you expect a big turn out, but you have no idea where to begin when it comes to composting. Whether one time, seasonally, or just on occasion, City Compost can outfit you with the equipment, procedures, staff, and service you need for a successful program. Interested in pursuing Zero Waste? Ask how.


Other - Share your needs and a customized solution will be built just for you!!