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What is Compost?

Food for our Food


Every bit of material from plants and animals, regardless of whether or not you would eat it, contains valuable nutrients. It is not waste. These materials just have to be handled properly to compost and not rot. This is where City Compost comes in. We gather food scraps to return them to the soil. This way more clean, healthy food can be grown for all. 


Composting is the biological process of transforming material from plants and animals into a form that allows for nutrients to feed new plant life. The major aspects of the process that results in a great soil without producing odor include aeration, material balancing, moisture control, particle size, temperature, and proper volume.


Compost is a nutrient dense soil, commonly referred to as an organic fertilizer, that results from the composting process.  It feeds plants continually over time, introduces beneficial microbes, aerates compact soil, and holds water in loose soil.


For more info, take a look at a previous presentation or register/request a class.  


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