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About City Compost

We make the best compost possible, so the healthiest, cleanest food can grow for you.


Join us in restoring the roots of our food system. 


When trimmings, peels, leftovers, and expired foods go in the garbage valuable nutrients are lost to landfills or incinerators. City Compost works to save these nutrients and return them to the soil as compost through our services. Customers have the option to receive up to 100% of their finished compost back for growing at home or it goes to support local, sustainable farms or community gardens. Through our program, you help protect the environment, reduce waste, live a more sustainable, and green life, and most importantly invest in the future of our soil, so more clean, healthy food can grow. All while saving some money for yourself on fresh food at home.

Food for Our Food

If we change what we think of as waste, then we can truly liberate the food system and enable an abundance of clean, healthy food for everyone. Every core, peel, and trimming, before or after the plate, cooked or uncooked, expired or just inedible, all of this can return to the soil to grow more fresh food. And while we should use reusable whenever possible, all napkins, plain paper plates, and even coffee filters can be included. We handle the process to compost everything possible. All we ask is that you make a small change in habit and avoid the garbage.


In 2013, City Compost started in the Boston metro area as a collection service, and compostables were brought to a large-scale composting facility north of the city. After learning more about soil quality and what that means, processing was separated off to enable stricter quality standards. With the goal of having all of City Compost's compost go towards food production, we want to create the highest quality of compost possible. The goal is to have all greens received by City Compost processed only with our material and balanced with clean browns.



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