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Clarity on Quality

100% of material handled by City Compost is processed independently to create the best compost possible.

Industry Practices

There are many practices that other companies conduct that we will never do. Some add coloring agents to their compost to make it appear darker and richer. Others will process everything they receive without any screening leaving your finished compost with bits of plastic, broken glass, and who knows what else.

Nearly all compost can be labeled "Organic" because there is no regulation around the use of the word as there is with produce. For it to be "Organic" as you would think when you buy groceries, the context is very important. It must be full phrase along the lines of "Suitable for use in Organic Growing". 

Our Process Quality


Instead of cardboard with flame retardants and fungicides, only clean sources of carbon are used for balancing. Hot composting is also accomplished which eliminates harmful bacteria while denaturing weed seeds by reaching temperatures over 130 degrees!!


City Compost does not receive in material from street sweepings, dirty industrial streams, or water treatment facilities. Compost from these sources may end up in bags at the store and have a higher risk of pesticides & herbicides, inks & dyes, and heavy metals like lead.

In order to ensure quality throughout our operations and provide maximum value to our customers, all material is tracked throughout our process. Compostables are documented upon receipt, double checked for debris, and then the composting process begins. The stream is divided into batches for final testing enabling us to provide precise details back to you on nutritional content and compost properties.

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